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Sep 16

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Sep 16

WLOS — ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Hundreds gathered in Asheville on Thursday to raise money for domestic violence victims.

“Scandal” actress and Asheville native, Bellamy Young, sent a video for a Women’s High Tea at the Renaissance Hotel to benefit Helpmate.

Young is the honorary chair for the domestic violence non-profit.

A record number of people attended the event on Thursday, which is held every other year as a fundraiser.

“Over the past four years, Buncombe County has seen an amazing amount of change in the way that we respond to and address the issue of domestic violence,” April Burgess-Johnson said. “And those changes have really functioned to funnel victims towards Helpmate’s services.”

They’re still adding up the donations, but this year’s goal was $100,000.


Sep 16

ARLINGTON, Va. – Actress Bellamy Young of the hit ABC series Scandal said Hillary Clinton supporters should vote Democrat “up and down” the ballot because President Obama was not able to reach his “full” potential in office with a Republican-led House in 2011 as well as Senate in 2014.

“I think another thing that’s huge this year is voting Democrat up and down the ticket because I spent eight years wanting to wring some necks because Barack Obama has not been able to be completely the full president he has in his heart, the potential to be. So let’s get Democrats up and down the board so all these amazing nuanced, thoughtful plans Hillary Clinton has spent her lifetime crafting can be put into place and we can make a better world,” she said during a recent stop at the Clinton campaign’s office just outside D.C.

Young, who plays the first lady on Scandal, told campaign volunteers that the testimonials of Hillary supporters at the Democratic convention made her “appreciate the depth” of Clinton’s “commitment” to public service.

“You guys know it’s hard because you’re on the front lines, right? If you don’t love what you are doing you put it down and you walk away at some point, and Hillary Clinton has never walked away from anything in her life. This election is the strangest election I have ever seen,” Young said before campaign volunteers began canvassing in the swing state.

“I want to live in a world of love and inclusion, and so I stand with her. You guys, today is like a canvassing day, right? We’re heading out to change people’s lives — to change people’s minds to build our future. Thank you for that,” she added.

In an interview at the campaign office, PJM asked Young if she agrees with Donald Trump’s proposal to allow individuals and families to deduct childcare expenses on their taxes.

Young said she is “diametrically opposed” to the GOP nominee’s views on childcare, women’s rights, fair pay and the minimum wage.

“It’s hard for me because Trump’s plans change a lot, and so I never know what to think or believe. The majority of his tax plan is helping the wealthy — the repeal of the estate tax would save his family $14 billion, or something insane. The 14 wealthiest people in America would save $15 million per year, so in terms of his thoughts on childcare, women’s rights, fair pay, the minimum wage, I am diametrically opposed to what his thoughts are,” she said.