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Bellamy Young is upset that Scandal is coming to an end — just like the rest of Us. The actress, who plays Mellie Grant on the ABC political drama, that she’s actually spoken to her therapist about the season 7 series finale.

“I’m already in therapy,” Young, 47, exclusively told Us at the National Women’s History Museum’s 6th Annual Women Making History Awards in Beverly Hills on Saturday, September 16. “It’s a big transition.”

The Shonda Rhimes-created show will kick off its final episodes next month. Young says the cast is “technically” on episode 5 right now and they are “trying to really savor every moment.”

“We’re sad,” she told Us. “We always have fun, there’s a lot of laughing, bantering, and this year it was just a poignancy to it. So we just dig in deep and look into each other’s eyes and know, ‘Oh this is the last time that we’ll get to do this.’”

“We get teary at every table read,” she continued. “It just moves the ball one yard closer to the field goal. It’s getting incrementally closer to being over. But you also wrap up sets, you tie up storylines, and there are all a thousand little goodbyes.”

As for what’s to come for Mellie and Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope? “I just love the two of them in power together. Because I feel like that’s really what the story is. I love that there’s so much about where Olivia’s mind is that Mellie has no idea. So there’s a lot of room for disaster but there’s also a lot of room for sisterhood and triumph,” she said. “I think Mellie was born to be president. She is going to be a great president. It’s just what obstacles Shonda decides to throw in her path.”

Scandal returns on Thursday, October 5, on ABC at 9 p.m. ET.


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