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Bellamy Young Press Tour: Day #3

Bellamy did a press tour in NYC last week and so much of what she did didn't get released until yesterday -- the day of the mid-season finale. So, everything I've gathered is below! She also attended another event on Wednesday night, but that will...

Bellamy Young Press Tour: Day #2

Bellamy had a busy day today wrapping up some press in NYC! She taped her appearance for Live! with Kelly and Ryan today and it's set to air on November 16. She also taped an appearance for the Rachael Ray Show. As of now, I...

PHOTOS: Bellamy Young at recent events

FINALLY here some updates, mostly just photos of Bellamy’s recent events. October was a crazy, unexpectedly heavy month for me and my family, so it took some time to finally regain my focus. Doing this stuff is many things to me (good things, obviously), but...